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Oaks Indian Mission receives surprise

Oaks Indian Mission children receive a special birthday surprise

18 Oct 2013

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22 Aug 2013

New Executive Director

The Oaks Indian Mission is proud to announce that we have officially named a new Executive Director. After a lengthy and vigorous search by our determined Board Members, we can proudly say that Rev. Dr. Gordon Peterson has now taken over the reins of our Mission. Prayers have been answered, thanks are given to those that lifted our ministry up to the Lord and we are ready to start this new chapter as a strong-willed, purpose-driven family that holds the lives of all these beautiful  children in our hands.

directorGordon Peterson comes to us from Overland Park, KS but is originally from West Concord, Minnesota and is a lifelong Lutheran.  He attended Luther College and completed his undergraduate degree in Religion and Philosophy.  He received his Master of Divinity degree from Wartburg Theological Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago in Pastoral Care and Counseling.

While Rev. Dr. Peterson’s credentials speak volumes, the Lord’s guidance has led him to Oaks to impart his knowledge, wisdom and faith while continuing his work for God as he does an incredible service for our longstanding organization. Not only are the staff and students of Oaks Indian Mission anticipating what the future holds, we are excited and hopeful at the works of what Gordon Peterson will do for us.  We invite you to reach out your welcomes, continuous prayers and good thoughts to our newest addition and also this path the Lord has laid for our future. Thank you!


11 Aug 2013

Training in Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB)

Building on the 87 years it has been in the childcare field, The Oaks Indian Mission now offers training for childcare workers.

Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB) is a course required by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for many childcare workers. MAB training educates participants on how to prevent and manage crisis with youth. The MAB program emphasizes prevention and non-physical intervention strategies. Participants will learn non-pain producing physical intervention techniques to protect both youth and staff.

The course is 16 classroom hours in either a two-day or a four-day course. Students leave with a certificate of completion and a manual ($10.95 value). This hands-on workshop is offered on site at the Oaks Indian Mission by appointment, for classes of up to six people. Cost is $150 per person. Please contact Tanisa Foreman at (918) 868-2196 to schedule a class.

Traci Cummings

Trainer Traci Cummings is a certified trainer of Managing Aggressive Behavior. She is certified by the National Resource Center for Youth Services through the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education. She has fourteen years of childcare experience, two years in residential childcare. She holds additional certifications in First Aid, CPR and AED.

18 Jun 2013

Oaks Indian Mission Honors Former Student

Cherokee Phoenix 6/14/13
By Staff Reports

TULSA, Okla. – The Oaks Indian Mission recently honored Cherokee Nation Entertainment employee Jimmie Marrujo as an outstanding alumnus. He attended the mission in Oaks 40 years ago.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment employee Jimmie Marrujo stands on the Cherokee Hills Golf Course in Catoosa, Okla., displaying his Outstanding Alumnus award. Marrujo received the honor for having creating a lasting and positive impact on the Oaks Indian Mission in Oaks.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment employee Jimmie Marrujo stands on the Cherokee Hills Golf Course in Catoosa, Okla., displaying his Outstanding Alumnus award. Marrujo received the honor for having creating a lasting and positive impact on the Oaks Indian Mission in Oaks.

According to a CNE press release, Marrujo, who is Cherokee and Pueblo and works at the Cherokee Hills Golf Course in Catoosa, is a positive role model for Native American youth, even more so for those students coming from Oaks.

“Marrujo attended Oaks Indian Mission throughout high school and graduated in 1962. The award recognizes Marrujo as an inspirational alumnus who has created a lasting, positive impact on Oaks Indian Mission,” the release states.

Marrujo spent 11 years playing professional baseball. He played two years with players such as Mickey Mantle and Rich Barry as a member of the New York Yankees.

“Oaks will always be near and dear to my heart because I grew up there and it’s where I made lifetime friends,” Marrujo said. “It helped me adjust to the outside world, and people outside of my family.”

Marrujo has been married to his wife Jessica for 45 years, and spends a great deal of time with his son and grandson.

He’s been a employee at Cherokee Hill Golf Club since 2004 and said enjoys his job more than playing professional baseball, but still enjoys watching the game.

According to the release, Oaks officials contend that his inspirational story and continued efforts to bring awareness to the Oaks Indian Mission make him much more than that to the children who live there now.

10 Jun 2013

Thank you for the support!

Oaks Indian Mission is appreciative of the financial support that is given to help the children of our mission. We would like to recognize the members of our 1801 Society which have been incredible!

Gold Level

Ms. Gloria Ackerman

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ackerman

Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Ackerman

Ms. Mary Andersen

Mr. & Mrs. Ward Aurand

Rev. & Mrs. Richard Baker

Mr. & Mrs. James Beaubien

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bechthold

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Beekman

Ms. Rene Bloomer

Mrs. Jacquelyn Blossom

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Boatright

Col. Naldean Borg

Mr. Bob Brase

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Briese

Mr. & Mrs. George Christiansen

Mr. J.D. Colbert

Ms. Sharon Cress

Mr. & Mrs. D.A. David

Mr. & Mrs. Arlo DeKraai

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Dodson, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Gustav F. Fischer

Ms. Helen Geick

Mr. Edward Gibeau

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Gonzales

Mr. & Mrs. N.V. Guagliardo

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Halpin

Ms. Grace Hansen

Mr. Donald Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hanson

Mr. & Mrs. Loren B. Havekost

Ms. Irene Henschel

Ms. Jill Holmes

Mr. & Mrs. David Humphrey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jacobson

Dr. & Mrs. Erwin T. Janssen

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jantz

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd T. Jerlow

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jungmeyer

Rev. & Mrs. Robert Kloth

Pastor & Mrs. Robert Kreier

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Larson

Mr. John W. Lees

Ms. Liana Marquis

Ms. Delora Marshall

Mr. & Mrs. David Massey

Mrs. Marcia McCain

Ms. Esther Merklein

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mischnick

Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Mitchell, Jr.

Ms. Peggy Nelson

Rev. & Mrs. John Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Netfeld

Pastor & Mrs. Jack Nitz

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nygard

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Parker

Mr. Martin Pedersen

Mr. Art Perry

Mrs. Lisa Phillips

Mr. Ramon Prange

Mrs. Deborah Reed

Ms. Rosetta Rhodd

Mr. & Mrs. William Riggs

Ms. Dorothy Roesener

Pastor & Mrs. Don Salberg

Mr. & Mrs. David Schachle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schjerven

Mr. Roy W. Schubert

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Seigfreid

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sieling

Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Smette

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Steele

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stinchcomb

Revs. John & Charlotte Strecker-Baseler

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Strom

The E.G. Roesener Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Todd

Ms. Glenda Lee Touchstone

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Turner

Ms. Dorothy Tustison

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. Reuel A. Vammen

Dr. & Mrs. R.E. Vammen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vogel

Mr. & Mrs. El Roy Von Holten

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Wiese

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wilber

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Winegardner

Mr. Emanuel J. Wolf

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ziehr

Silver Level

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Anderson

Ms. Jeanne Anschutz

Mr. & Mrs. David Auberle

Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Baer

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. James Barnard

Mr. & Mrs. J. Bee Bednar

Mr. & Mrs. Niels Bentsen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brigden

Ms. Lillian Cantrell

Mrs. Pat Christensen

Mr. & Mrs. Rod Christiansen

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Cruze

Ms. Dorothy DeVasure

Ms. Andrea Doeden

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Draves

Mr. & Mrs. Don Eakins

Mr. Richard Fincham

Ms. Isabel Franklin-Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Frey

Ms. Doris Goad

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. John Hovde

Ms. Lori Huff

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hull

Mr. Robert C. Jager

Ms. Ada Jeppesen

Mr. & Mrs. Kirke Kickingbird

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Kinsey

Mr. Jim Klaassen

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Klitzky

Pastor William Koeber, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Koester

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Kofoed

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Kuhlman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Leighton

Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Lietzau

Ms. Kathryn A. Mannerberg

Rev. Don Marshall

Mr. & Mrs. James Mathine

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Meyer

Mr. Bruce Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Moody

Ms. Nina Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Ochsner

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Oestmann

Mr. & Mrs. Rance Pappan

Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Parsch

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Paschold

Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Plaehn

Mr. Darrell D. Pool

Ms. Barbara Poulson

Rev. & Mrs. Donald Riechers

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rights

Mr. John Rohwer

Mr. & Mrs. David Rossbach

Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Rueb

Mrs. Dorothy Sartain

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Schlange

Ms. Doris W. Segraves

Mr. Wesley Shannon

Mr. & Mrs. Durward Sidebottom, Jr.

Mr. Edwin Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Tauuneacie

Mr. & Mrs. James Thompson

Ms. Peggy J. Tilgner

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Toman

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Torkelson

Dr. & Mrs. David W. Vammen

Mr. Henry Voise

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wallman

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Whiteside

Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Wiederanders

Mrs. Harold Wimmer

Bronze Level

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ackermann

Ms. Margeann Ahnquist

Mr. Bud Andrus

Mr. Stuart Ashworth

Ms. Ruby Augustine

Ms. Opal Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Ardell Banker

Mr. Rodney Basler

Mr. John Beck

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Beighle

Mr. & Mrs. David Berg

Mr. Charles Bichel

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Billman

Mrs. Marjorie L. Block

Mr. & Mrs. Von Borg

Ms. Vada Boyer

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Breunsbach

Mr. & Mrs. Dana Brewer

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Bryant

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne T. Craney

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Daubendiek, Jr.

Rev. & Mrs. William Dressen

Mr. Glenn Forseth

Rev. & Mrs. David Frerichs

Ms. Lori Garland

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Girlinghouse

Mr. Paul Grauer

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Greising

Mrs. Kara Greuel

Ms. Michele Groves

Ms. Maxine Gustafson

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hagberg

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hannah

Mrs. Donna Hardin

Mr. & Mrs. David T. Harrell

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Horn

Mr. & Mrs. John Houck, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Max Howard

Mr. & Mrs. George Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jessen

Rev. & Mrs. William Jurgens

Mr. & Mrs. Leon B. Karst

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Kimpfbeck

Ms. Dorothy King

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Kingfisher

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Denton Krafft

Mrs. Esther Krause

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krogh

Ms. Joyce Larson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert LeVasseur

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Little

Mr. Leonard F. Martens

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDowall

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. McElwain

Ms. Judith Mellicker

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Miller

Rev. & Mrs. Ben F. Mirtz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morgenthaler

Mr. & Mrs. Steen Mortensen

Rev. & Mrs. Gilbert Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Oestreich

Mr. Mark Ohlert

Ms. Esther Oosting

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Osborn

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Petersen

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Peterson

Ms. Ann Philippi

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pope

Ms. Eleanor Ramsey

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Reimers

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Safris

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sayther

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Scholten

Mr & Mrs. Ron Segal

Rev. & Mrs. Bill Shaner

Mr. & Mrs. George Sharp

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Sigurdson

Ms. Janice S. Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Erwin Soell

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Sorenson

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Stepp

Mr. Lorin Stern

Mr. & Mrs. David Tayrien

Mr. Richard C. Thompsen

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tilden

Mr. Malcolm Tracy

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Trenkle

Ms. Florence Von Holten

Ms. Rose Marie L. Wallen

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Whetstone

Ms. Adene Winter

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Woolard

Mr. Dennis Yost

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Yotter